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Wrap dress (5 colors)

Wrap dress (5 colors)

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A must-have in every woman’s closet. A perfect travel dress. 

FABRIC: is packed with 10+ features including wrinkle resistance, odor control, UV protection and so much more.

Our partner (a BlueSign-certified manufacturer) has found a way to give new life to coffee grounds by recycling them into fabric. First, they recycle plastic bottles into polyester, then oils from coffee grounds are extracted to leave a fine dry powder. Combining these two give us the fabric we use today in our ZolaBean dresses. This innovative technology means ZolaBean fabric features will never wash or wear out!

Although our dresses are made using coffee grounds, the oils are removed so you won't have to worry about your dress smelling like coffee, or anything else for that matter! 84% recycled coffee fabric and 16% spandex

Shipping: June 25th, 2022, from USA



Care Instructions

Regular Machine wash. Hang dry / tumble dry

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